About laser acne care

Acne is often a big frustration that can make someone aware and worry about appearance. Each treatment method that promises rapid assistance is often quickly adhered to explaining preferences for laser acne treatments among patients. Laser treatment simplifies the treatment process in a short time. There are no direct side effects such as irritation even though the long-term effects are still subject to medical discussions.

Types of laser care and therapy

Laser treatments use different lights and laser therapy which also includes photodynamic therapy, PDT. Various types of laser treatments used are:

Blue laser light treatment.
This is a pioneer laser treatment in the United States for acne and approved by the FDA to eliminate only light acne and the initial moderate inflammation of inflammation. This kind of laser treatment is not effective for nodules, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads.

Infrared laser lights.
Work together like a blue laser lamp and used in medium acne inflammation treatment. It is not limited to the face and can be used on your back and arm too.

Fotopneumatic therapy.
This is an advanced laser acne treatment method. Fotopneumatic therapy uses IPL, which is an intense pulsed light in a vacuum. The effect is suction oil, sebum, dead skin cells and excretion of the skin from the skin pores. It is used with many sophisticated acne diseases stored for cysts and nodules. Mainly used in the treatment of whiteheads and blackheads. Other advanced laser acne treatments are being studied to overcome stubborn acne treatments such as nodules and cysts such as photodynamic therapy, PDT.

The use of laser acne care is surrounded by several myths such as working instantly without side effects at least in the short term. Most of these claims are wrong and before you decide to undergo an irreversible process, take the time to consider the following:

The results of laser acne treatments cannot be predicted and the same method in the same conditions does not work for everyone. While someone might end up with clearer skin, the other will only register a decrease in the intensity of acne on the skin. Therefore, it is wiser to use laser acne treatment only after other natural treatments or antimicrobial methods fail to work.
The results of laser acne care may be temporary. Acne can reappear on the skin after the operation is generated. This means that for the best results, you may need a series of laser acne treatments or use more advanced laser treatments such as infrared light instead of blue light. Other natural care plans such as washing your face with essential oils such as tea tree oil can be added. Don’t try to combine laser treatments with other antimicrobial creams unless specifically permitted by a doctor.
The long-term effects of laser acne care have not been decomposed even though there are direct side effects such as skin wounds, redness and swelling. Side effects can last for several hours to day.

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