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Adjustable beds are incredible devices that can completely change the quality of your sleep for good. If you are interested in learning more about them or you are considering one, this post is for you. Here, we’ll share everything you need to know about adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds are made of two components – The base and the mattress

The base is the star of the show and what sets them apart from traditional beds. The base features moveable sections that can be controlled by you the sleeper, to find the perfect position to sit, lay or sleep in. Unlike a regular bed, an adjustable bed has a base as well as joints that enable the bed to move when controlled by its remote. These joints all have different movement capabilities, and when used in conjunction with one another, you can customise the angle you sleep on down the millimetre.

The positions you can create with an adjustable bed

All adjustable beds differ depending on the type, make and model you choose however, most offer the same main positions, with perhaps some slight variances.

Zero gravity

The zero gravity position puts the body into a neutral position that takes off the pressure by evenly distributing your weight. Those who suffer from back, hip or joint pain can greatly benefit from lying in this position. Laying on a flat surface tends to put pressure on these areas and can cause pain and discomfort to some sleepers. Many adjustable beds have this position as a button, so rather than trying to figure out the position yourself, you just press a button, and it does it for you. This makes it so much easier and quicker, allowing you to get comfortable without all the hassle of fiddling around with the remote.

Elevated legs

With an adjustable bed, you can raise your legs whilst leaving the rest of the body flat. This position can help to alleviate lower back pain and conditions such as sciatica and leg swelling. By having the legs raised, you can promote better blood flow to the heart and boost overall circulation.

Elevated head

Sleeping in an upright position has many benefits, including improving breathing by opening the airways. This can alleviate symptoms such as sleep apnoea, COPD and snoring. Those that suffer from heartburn or indigestion can benefit from sleeping in this position.


If you’re not familiar with the contour position, it is essentially the legs and head being positioned in an elevated position. This supports the natural curvature of the spine and provides relief to those who have back pain.

How adjustable beds work

How adjustable beds work can differ, although they all are motorised and usually have a remote or control panel that is used to move the bed into your desired position. Some have remotes that are wireless others have a remote that is connected to the bed with a cord. You’ll find that a lot of modern adjustable beds have wireless remotes for convenience. The remote will often have icons or buttons that you can press to move the bed into a particular position. They will usually have arrows that allow you to adjust the bed manually if you prefer.

How much do adjustable beds cost?

Adjustable beds have grown in popularity significantly over recent years, and due to this, there are more accessible and more affordable. Adjustable starts at around $1,500 for an entry point model, and they go up from here. For the benefits they offer, they are a worthwhile investment and today’s models look nothing like they did 10 years ago. Many wouldn’t even know that you had an adjustable bed unless you told them.

Best mattress types for adjustable beds

Choosing the right mattress can take your sleep to the next level. Not only that but it ensures that it moves easily when adjusting the bed and that it doesn’t get damaged in the process. Your mattress needs to be flexible to conform when moved.

Here are the best types of mattresses for adjustable beds:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are fantastic options for adjustable beds because they contour to your body and the adjustable bed base! They don’t distort when adjusted or when they are kept in a certain position for too long.

Latex Mattresses

Another great option is a latex mattress, although if you do choose this mattress type, ensure that it’s not too thick. The thicker it is, the more rigid it will be and the less likely it will move into position without shifting or bending out of shape.

Why choose an adjustable bed over a traditional bed?

They offer increased comfort

With a normal bed, you have to move yourself to get comfortable whereas with an adjustable bed, you move the bed to conform to your body. This makes for a much more comfortable sleep and promotes a longer and deeper night’s rest as a result.

Reduce pain

One of the main reasons people buy adjustable beds is that they can reduce pain and discomfort. There’s no denying that it’s hard to get to sleep when you are in pain and this can affect the quality of sleep you have. If you wake during the night, you can readjust the bed quickly rather than tossing and turning trying the minimise the pressure on your body.

Minimise snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms

Traditional beds enable you to lay flat and flat only, while you can prop yourself up with pillows, this can be a hassle and uncomfortable. If you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, an adjustable bed can help dramatically. You can sleep in an elevated position which opens the airways and can help to keep your breathing consistent and unobstructed while you sleep. This can leave you feeling more rested come morning time.

Ready to get an adjustable bed of your own?

Electric adjustable beds are not only for those with limited mobility or health concerns, everyone can reap the benefits of a better night’s rest. If you would like to transform your sleep, talk to the adjustable bed experts here at Beds Electric. We specialise in adjustable beds and would love to assist you in finding a bed that will give you your best night’s sleep ever! Contact us today to find out more.

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