Living a Comfortable Life after Getting a Permanent Disability

Living a normal life when an accident happens at work, leaving you with a permanent disability, is not easy. You should know it’s not the end of life. You can cope with the limitations, gradually overcome the challenges, and live a rewarding life.

Most people have a problem adjusting to life with a disability. Sometimes you find it easy to obsess with what you have lost instead of focusing on how to conquer the limitations. You can still control your life, self-empower yourself, or improve your independence.

Additionally, you can file a Social Security Disability application in Georgia and get monthly social security benefits as you adapt to your new life. Here are tips on how to cope with disability.

How to live with a permanent disability

Adjust your life

 Adjusting your life isn’t a one-day process, that’s why you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. Most people tend to have mixed emotions and fears. They wonder if they can live a normal life and be productive and happy.

Living with a disability doesn’t mean a tragedy, you can still live a fulfilling life. So many people have walked this road before, and you, too, can make it. According to the CDC, one out of 4 Americans lives with a disability, and if they have made it, so can you.

Accept the disability

 Learn to accept your disability, although it may be hard to take in your disability. The disability will come with limitations preventing you from having the life you had, but you can make changes and create new goals.

 Here are a few tricks that will help you accept your disability

  • It’s okay to mourn: Since you encountered a loss, it’s okay to grieve your loss.
  • Suppressing your feelings: allow yourself to go through the grieving phase without judging yourself.
  • Wear a happy face mask: learning and accepting living with a disability aren’t easy. So it’s acceptable to have bad days, and it doesn’t make you weak. So you don’t have to pretend everything is okay when you’re not. Let those who live with you know how you feel.
  • You may go through mixed emotions: you will go through different emotional phases like disbelief and sadness. It’s normal to have unpredictable ups and downs. With time, you will start adapting to the new normal.

You accept the new reality

After grieving, you should be able to come to terms with the new reality. You should leave the past and accept the situation where you can live a happy life despite having a broken body.

  • Accept you can no longer do some things and embrace what you can do. If not, you might find yourself falling into depression.
  • Learn about your disability, know what’s happening to your body, and quickly adjust to living with your disability.


If you are struggling with a permanent disability, you should file a Social Security Disability Application in Georgia, where you can get benefits. Even though your life won’t remain the same, you can adopt a new normal, live a happy life, and achieve new goals.

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