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There is an acute shortage of registered nurses, especially in hospitals. The hospital is trapped in the demon cycle. They find it difficult to maintain their nurse staff. Nurses often resign because of their responsibilities and extraordinary work pressure. It forces hospitals to distribute workloads on the rest of the nurse.

Effectively, the workload of the rest of the nurse is sometimes four times more than what it should be. Nurses have struggled to get acceptance as skilled medical professionals. Now, they are recognized like that by medical brotherhood and the general public.

There is an increase in their remuneration too. After being elevated to this level, why nurses are still unhappy, and why hospitals are forced to overcome erratic nursing workers. Maybe the current system has failed because everyone seems to be on the top of the stairs, with no one standing below. Nurses have been trained in hospitals.

But this is no longer. This is because nurses are now trained in nursing schools or nursing universities than in hospitals. The lack of nurses this training participants has created a gaping hole in the hospital nursing department. Nurse training does many tasks such as checking patient vital statistics, feeding patients, entertaining patients, giving pan patients, and tidying patient beds.

There seems to be no one around to do these tasks now. To be fair, nurses who come with a bachelor’s degree from universities are better prepared to handle responsibility. They are also better in assessing problems with patients, and being able to diagnose disease.

Effectively, such nurses can reduce the workload of doctors, which can now concentrate on more serious cases that arrive at the hospital. Nurses have received respect for this ability. However, if the nurse resigns by quoting an excessive workload for their reason, it is clear that the new system does not work.

The new system has a position called “registered nurse”. This position is subordinated in the position of a quality or registered nurse. Nurse training has filled this position. This new system offers a good payment package and recognition to this nurse too.

But this nurse moves towards the care facility aged rather than sticking to the hospital, although the remuneration at this facility is lower. The care facilities like that do not have the right nurse hierarchy. Even so, many nurses choose this type of work.

They are aware that public and medical brotherhood will appreciate them if they are in charge of ordinary hospitals such as the environment. One possible reason for those who look for such work is probably because of their age care facilities offered a contract. This gives them a lot of flexibility to choose from.

Reasons besides the freedom to choose more disturbing. Maybe the nurse doesn’t want to subdue other people from their profession. The new system has resulted in a decrease in the quality of nursing care. The public is no longer satisfied with the current system. They scare nursing services at the hospital. Nowadays people have to use Buzzers to get the attention of a nurse.

The nurse arrived after a long time, which could be a problem if the person needed a bedpan, or had to go to urinal. Previously, the nurse did a normal round, and confirmed whether the patient needed something. Now, the nurse who is tired of finding such a request. The sheet is only changed if necessary.

The table beside the patient’s bed remained dirty. Freshwater is not provided unless the patient asks for it. Nurses no longer hesitate in telling patients that they lacked hands or they did not have time because there were more patients waiting for their attention. Sometimes nurses also refuse to do some nursing tasks stating that it is not their job.

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