Gynecologic oncologist and surgeon’s devoted career of 40 years.

Many, if not most, women being treated for a gynecologic neoplasm or other serious condition will often see their specialist doctor many times, usually over the course of many years, as was the case with Michigan gynecologic oncologist and surgeon Dr. Vinay Malviya.

However, during those years, as Dr. Malviya continued to get to know his patients, so did these patients get to know him and, often, became astute observers of his care and advanced medical practice in general. Moreover, these patients were able to distill how the practice of medicineremains both art and science, with the best doctors understanding the complete person they are attending to.

For example, as one of Dr. Vinay Malviya’s patients noted:

“Dr. Malviya’s care and understanding were key to my well-being for those years and very reassuring. He was an excellent doctor, and often times I would overhear him taking a call from another gynecologist asking for advice from Dr. Malviya or if he could please see their patient. Dr. Malviya, in my opinion, was a brilliant oncologist whom other doctors looked to for advice. In addition to that, he was a kind and decent man. He had so many patients but would fit so many in that needed to see him ASAP. He worked from morning through night sometimes. He knew how deadly ovarian cancer was, and he did everything he could to try to save lives.”

Another patient emphasized how Dr. Vinay Malviya is a great listener:

“It was always so reassuring seeing you before my surgeries – it helped to calm me knowing you were there. You paid attention to what I wanted out of my care as well. I was only 46 when I was initially diagnosed, and with a brand-new grandson, I wanted to be cured so that I could live to see that grandson grow up and also see any future grandchildren I might have. You always listened when I wanted to have a test or surgery to take care of an issue, and you also listened if I didn’t want to have a surgery or test.”

One patient said it so succinctly:

“I cannot emphasize enough how caring and compassionate he is. You are a real person to him, not just another patient he is treating.”

To learn more about Dr. Vinay Malviya and his remarkable 40-year career in medicine, please visit his websites: and

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