Various STDs You Need To Be Careful Of When Having Sex

Looking after your health is something you need to take seriously, and just as serious is your sexual health, as there are many STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) you can catch. Some of these are more serious than others, but you need to remain vigilant and protect yourself accordingly when having sex. Below are some of the various STDs you can contract when having unprotected sex to show you some of the ones you may catch.


Chlamydia is a highly common STD that many people suffer from globally, and bacteria cause this STD. It is not too serious as long as you have it treated, but it can cause infertility or reactive arthritis if left untreated. The good news is that you can get Chlamydia medication in the form of tablets that will clear it up quickly and eliminate any symptoms you may have.

Genital Herpes

Another common STD that you can catch when having unprotected sex is Genital Herpes, which is caused by a virus. The virus can cause you to develop sore spots on your genitals, thighs, buttock, or your rectal area, and these sores can turn into blisters and pop. The symptoms will come and go when you contract this virus, and there is no known cure for the condition. However, modern medicine can help keep it under control, so you will need prescription medication from your doctor to treat it.

Pubic Lice

You can also catch pubic lice, sometimes called crabs when you have unprotected sex with someone infected. The lice are small parasites that live on humans in parts of the body with rough hair, and they are often transmitted through sexual intercourse as they cannot fly or hop. You can get rid of pubic lice by getting a prescription lotion from your doctor that you use to clean yourself in the affected area. The pubic lice are usually gone after a week or so with one treatment, but if they are still present after ten days, you will need another treatment dose.


Syphilis is another common STD that affects men and women, and it can manifest itself in your genital area, on your lips or mouth, and your anus. Bacteria causes this STD, and it usually first shows up as a small sore and is transmitted through sexual intercourse. If left untreated, it can be serious and potentially cause life-threatening problems, but when you catch it early, you can easily cure it with antibiotics.


Gonorrhoea is another STD you can catch when having unprotected sex, and it is sometimes called the Clap. It is a bacterial infection that affects the genitals, mouth, or anus and is most common in younger people. It can cause pain when urinating and can also cause a discharge, and if left untreated, can create additional problems for men and women. Although you can treat Gonorrhoea using antibiotics, it is becoming harder to treat successfully as the various strains become more resistant to the drugs.

These are a handful of the STDs you can catch when you have unprotected sex, and you can click here to learn more. Always ensure you protect yourself, especially with a new sexual partner, and you can prevent yourself from contracting various diseases and infections.

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