What You Should Know About Hair Growth

Hair is something most people like to hold on to for as long as possible. Plenty of people bald naturally, and they’ll spend a good chunk of money, visit doctors, and spent time trying to keep what hair they have. There are also medical conditions that impact hair growth in younger people which can lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Finding the right treatment regimen can help you feel confident and keep your natural hair for longer.

Thankfully, there are now more interventions than ever to help people grow more hair and keep things looking natural. Largely gone are the days of expensive hair plugs that look OK from afar but don’t quite match up to reality upon closer look.

One of the keys to hair growth is starting early. It’s usually much harder to restore hair that’s gone than it is to strengthen and promote existing hair while you still have it. If you’re looking for more information about hair growth and how to keep your hair longer, this is a good place to start. Here are some basic things you should know about hair growth.

Whether you’re struggling with something like early-onset baldness, or you just want thicker, more luscious hair, here are some things you can do to promote hair growth and see concrete results.

Limit How Much Styling You Do

The more you mess with your hair, the more follicles will fall out. Especially if you’re using things like flat irons or curlers, then you want to limit how much damage you inflict on your hair. Getting your hair dyed or styled all of the time will make it fall out faster and can be tough to recover what you’ve lost. Limit how much you mess with your hair and only use natural products whenever possible.

Talk to Your Doctor

Sometimes, the medications you’re taking affect how much hair you lose. There are some prescriptions that are associated with hair loss like pills used to treat hypertension and hormone replacement therapies. Things like birth control for women or antidepressants can also impact your hair growth. Many prescription medicines you take carry risks along with the benefits you deliver. It’s up to you and your doctor to decide when the consequences of taking medication outweigh the positives. Have a conversation with your doctor about what could be causing hair loss and whether you have viable options.

Thymosin Beta 4 Improves Hair Growth

In tests done on mice, the peptide Thymosin Beta-4 increased hair growth. The discovery actually happened by accident. When scientists were using shaved mice in tests, they found that the mice deficient in the healing peptide Thymosin Beta-4 levels had their hair grow back much slower than the other rats. When they were supplemented with TB-4, their hair grew back much faster. They had more hair shafts that grouped hair follicles more effectively.

Check Your Diet

The food you eat and possibly the supplements you take can also have a big impact on hair growth. Eating healthy fats, for example, can keep your hair shiny and less brittle. It’s more likely to be stronger and stay in longer. Focus on increasing omega-3 fats that you can find in things like salmon and nuts. You can also easily find a supplement online or in your local grocery store that you can take every day to increase healthy fat levels.

Stop Shampooing So Much

It’s easy to think that we need to shampoo our hair every day, but when you shampoo your hair so much, you can remove a lot of the healthy natural oils that coat and protect your hair. Try shampooing less often and letting your body do what it needs to do to protect your hair and make it look better.

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